With the redevelopment of the Antioch Crossing, tenants will have ready access to a local population of over 100 thousand people with an average household income of $55,000, all living within a 5 mile radius of the Crossing. And the local redevelopers will offer a greater variety of retailers, both local shops and national retailers, to the neighborhood.

Antioch Crossing is being redeveloped as part of the overall Economic Development Corporation (EDC) Program, which includes improvements to the surrounding Infrastructure, Pedestrian walkways, Trail extensions and other Neighborhood Improvement projects. All designed to improve the quality of life in the area surrounding Antioch Crossing.

The developer has completed demolition and new structures of varying shapes, sizes and uses are under construction. This development follows the success the developer had with the recent redevelopment of Blue Ridge Mall, now known as Blue Ridge Crossing. Local citizens have come together and are working with the developer to bring back life to the area and make Antioch Crossing a destination for working, shopping, dining and entertainment.

With the proposed improvements, access to the Antioch Crossing will be easier not only for the local population who can walk or ride bicycles to do their shopping, but also to those coming by car or bus.
Antioch Crossing is uniquely situated at the crossroads of several major intersecting roadways, which provide tremendous visibility to daily traffic and those just passing through.

Renovation to Anchor Stores, Burlington Coat Factory and Sears is complete. Since the opening of Junior Anchor, Walmart Neighborhood Market in November 2014, a unique mix of National, Regional and local tenants have opened to the delight of the local community. Join Firehouse Subs, GNC, Five Guys Burger & Fries, Pepperjax Grill, Vintage Stock, The UPS Store.

If you would like to be part of this revitalization and improvement, then become a tenant at Antioch Crossing. You can fill in the form at right or call Lynette Russ of CBRE at 816-968-5880.

Antioch Crossing Demographics

Population Average Household Income:
1 mi – 11,433 1 mi – $54,371
3 mi – 73,753 3 mi – $53,899
5 mi – 116,352 5 mi – 55,339

Developer is looking for businesses to make the new Antioch Crossing the shopping experience it enjoyed for 30 years.

Tenants wanted include:
Pizza shop, Shoe Shop, Italian Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, Home Improvement Store, Gifts & Cards,  Bank or Credit Union, Coffee Shop, Fast Food,  Theater .

There is also office space for Tax Service, Lawyers, Travel/Leisure, Consulting, Service, Insurance, College/University or other.

Come be a part of this exciting redevelopment!